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Looking for a way to tell people how much you are missing them? Go through this piece for some gift ideas that convey 'Thinking of you'.

Thinking Of You Gift Ideas

There are times in your life when we miss someone very close to you. You are reminded of the memories you had spent together. You miss his/her face, the silliest of talks, and the fights you had together. He/She reminds you the times when you were happy and probably carefree from the worldly issues. You are missing him/her because you are alone and he/she is the only person you can talk to and express your feelings. All you want is to tell the person how badly you are missing him/her. You also know that probably words are not enough to put together your feelings. In this situation, you can take the help of an appropriate gift. Gifts can express the emotions that even words cannot. But if you are puzzled about the gift you wish to present on such as occasion, do not worry as we are here to your rescue. Here is a list of 'thinking of you' gift ideas that you can consider gifting.
  • Flowers have always been the best gifts for any and every occasion. They perfectly express the true feelings of your heart. You can use flowers to shower your love and friendship. You can present a bouquet of flowers, say roses, sunflowers, and tulips, along with a thoughtful personal note.
  • A photo frame is also an ideal option for this occasion. You can gift a stylish photo frame with a picture of you two. It will help in conveying your feelings in a subtle but effective manner.
  • For friends, you can send, “My Best Friend” or “Best Friends Forever” tagged bracelets, whereas to convey your love to someone, you can present “I Love You” bracelets.
  • Chocolates are also a considerable gift option. You can send a box of chocolates, candies, cookies, or cakes. Attaching a personal note along with it will make it all the more special.
  • For someone you love and are missing desperately, you can send a music CD with their favorite romantic songs stored.
  • A memento or a showpiece can also be given to remind him/her of you. You can also attach a greeting card along with it.
  • Giving ornaments is another popular way of expressing your feelings. You can give a ring, pendant, necklace etc to him/her, depending upon the gender.
  • For someone special, you can express your love by gifting him/her a book of love stories.
  • You can also gift a money tree for prosperity that he/she can keep in his room and will remember you every time he/she waters it.
  • For a dear close friend, you can send a pair of shoes. Sure to be appreciated and utilized to the most!