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Looking for good luck gift ideas to express your hearty wishes? Go through this piece for good luck presents and gifts ideas.

Good Luck Gift Ideas

There is a famous saying cited by Sarah Jessica Parker in the tele-series "Sex and the City" that goes like "Best friend is like a four leaf clover: hard to find and lucky to have". A four leaf clover is one of the most appreciated and valued good luck icons in Ireland, which makes it a popular gift amongst friends and well-wishers for conveying good and best wishes for various reasons, not only in Ireland, but across the world. While success counts entirely on hard work, there is still one percent which reckons on luck. And for that minuscule luck portion, it is significant to pass on all your good wishes and sincere blessings. This can best be done through presenting a good luck gift that will help the concerned person embark his new journey confidently. Browse through the following text for some great and thoughtful good luck gift ideas that will be highly respected and cherished by the recipient.

Laughing Buddha Statue
Recognized worldwide as a sign of good luck, the laughing Buddha statue makes an ideal gift for wishing good luck. Available in different colors, shapes, and materials, you can pick up one that best suits the recipient. Because of the different variations of the statue, you can find it in any and every form you are searching for.

Four-Leaf Clover Token
A four-leaf clover token symbolizes good luck in many countries. Let your gift speak "good luck" for itself with a four-leaf clover imprinted on one side of the token with the other side having fortune words like "love, hope, faith, or luck". Apart from being a clear indication of luck and success, this idea makes an easily affordable gift also.

Charm Bracelet
If one good luck symbol does not do the job of your present, you can pick up a charm bracelet with different symbols of good luck. Horseshoe, coins, four leaf clover, bamboo, and wishbone are some good luck symbols to look for in a charm bracelet. Makes an exciting and amazing good luck gift for a female friend or a loved one!

Zodiac Ring
A ring with the zodiac sign engraved or imprinted on it is an ideal gift for expressing your good and well wishes. To further improve the appearance of the ring, you can choose one that has a stone linked with the zodiac sign. Say, for instance, if the person is a Taurus, you can get a ring with an emerald affixed to it. Not only will this empower and wish the person good luck, but it also makes a cool and funky present.

Miniature Bamboo
he lucky bamboo is believed to bring balance and good luck in Feng Shui. With just little care and occasional watering, it is easy to maintain and handle bamboo. Besides, it is found in attractive small Asian containers in appealing spirals or other shapes. If this has created sufficient curiosity to buy bamboo stalks, you can find them at gift, garden, and home stores. Pick up plants with six stalks for health, five for wealth, or three for happiness. Never select a plant with four stalks as it indicates bad luck or death.