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Baby shower is an amazing occasion celebrating the joy of an expecting mother. Find unique baby shower gift ideas with this piece.

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Motherhood is a very special stage in a woman's life. It is the time of extra care and affection that a mother needs the most. Baby shower is generally given a month or two before the baby is actually born. It not only reminds the mother-to-be to take care of herself in these important days but also celebrates the joy of welcoming a new life in a couple days. A baby shower is characterized by a party inviting some close female friends and sisters with loads of card games and other fun activities, not to forget the yummy food and beautiful baby shower gifts. All women express their best wishes and concern for the expectant mother and her baby. Gifts for this occasion should be carefully chosen suiting the need of the pregnant lady. Here is a list of some thoughtful baby shower gifts that you can consider giving on this wonderful occasion.
  • On this special occasion, you can gift bath and beauty products to the mother. Besides, bath products for the unborn baby like baby oils, baby soaps etc. are also perfect as they would soon be required after few days.
  • Gifting the expectant mother a soft nightgown is also a very thoughtful gift option for this occasion. It would be highly helpful for her in the last days of her pregnancy.
  • For this special occasion, you can choose to give strollers or a rocking chair. They make extremely useful gifts for the baby.
  • You can also choose to gift the expecting mother a series of wallpapers of different fairy tales or mermaids that would add to the decoration of the baby's new room.
  • Interesting story books can also be given to the mother to keep her occupied during these days.
  • Gifting books on childcare and parenting to the mother-to be is an ideal gift option that will provide her with all the information on pregnancy and caring for the baby on delivery.
  • Diapers are very necessary for nurturing babies. You can give disposable baby diapers, along with baby powder, baby wipes, and a hanging baby diaper storage unit.
  • Baby clothing also proves to be useful and handy as gifts for a bay shower. You can gift sleepers, baby socks, hats, sweaters, and other special baby outfits.
  • Soft sculpture wall hangings, night lights, baby maid service, baby photo albums, and baby picture frames are some other suitable gifts for the occasion of a baby shower.
  • Other unique baby shower gift ideas that you can try giving on this occasion include CDs of soothing music, baby food hampers, baby names book, baby stroller cover, high chair, and baby monitor.