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Here are some ideas regarding presents that you can gift on the occasion of engagement.

Engagement Gift Ideas

Engagement is a prelude to marriage. It is an important event in a person's life as he/she will be taking the first step towards tying the martial knot with his/her soon-to-be spouse. Marking as the entry into the world of marriagehood, an engagement party is organized that is regarded as a seal of approval for the marriage. So much is the hype and excitement of engagement parties that they become real difficult events to organize. More so, looking for an engagement gift is even harder than the party itself. For, all family members and close ones wish to express their excitement and convey their best wishes for the couple. For this, presenting the perfect and unique engagement gift often takes the front lead. But talking in the real sense, it is not that complicated as long as you are able to narrow down to the right category and type of gift you wish to present. Go through the following lines as we present you some wonderful and marvelous gift ideas for engagement. Express your share of joy for the soon-to-wed couple with one of these.

Picture Frame
While photo albums and frames are very common and ordinary to present on most occasions, choose the electronic route. An electronic picture frame would be a wonderful gift to present to an engaged couple. Instead of displaying just one photo, the couple can exhibit several treasured pictures at one time, making it an unforgettable gift.

Wedding Planner
That's exactly what the couple would need as they head towards their next step. With the engagement already taken place and the couple exchanging rings, they would now proceed towards planning their wedding ceremony. And what better than a wedding planner can be a gift to ease their task of organizing a splendid wedding? The wedding planner can guide the couple with timelines, check-lists, and other useful wedding essentials.

Food & Beverages
Accompanying a nice wine bottle or perfectly chilled champagne would make an ideal gift for the newly engaged couple. And if you feel that a single bottle wouldn't be sufficient, you can get some wine openers, monogrammed wine stoppers, or a group of wine eyeglasses complementing the kind of wine you are carrying. Other food items that are considered perfect engagement gifts include upscale chocolates, gourmet cookies, or made-to-order cupcakes.

Ring Holder
To make sure that the couple does not have to find their rings on the floor in the future, you can gift them this personalized bedside ring holder. With a lipped plate and an extension emerging from it, generally in the shape of an animal or plant, the couple can conveniently place their rings on it. To give it a more personal and unique touch, get it customized with a message or the couple's names.

Kitchen Tools
The couple would soon be decorating their home, apart from planning their wedding ceremony. You can start with some help in the kitchen. Some heart-shaped kitchen tools would be highly appreciated by the couple. There are kitchen stores that sell such tools, like measuring cups for dry ingredients, heart-shaped measuring spoons and coffee scoops, a melon-baller, a heart-shaped spatula, heart-shaped salt and pepper shakers, and customized coffee mugs.