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Delight the couple with a magnificent gift as they celebrate their first wedding anniversary. Read to know unique first anniversary gift ideas.

First Anniversary Gift Ideas

If the marriage is the commencement of a journey, then the first anniversary is an important milestone of that journey. It is an occasion to take stock of the bygone year and reaffirm the love and commitment for each other. It counts to be a very special day as the couple completes one year of togetherness. As such, celebrations and partying are quite common to rejoice those precious moments spent by the couple together. While the couple is busy indulging in sheer festivity and gala mood, family and friends invited go through a tough time finding the right gift for presenting. Because it is the gift that can make or break the glory of the day, choosing one that is truly inspirational and complements the couple and the occasion perfectly is important. Here are some marvelous gift ideas for first wedding anniversary to make it a memorable one.

A pansy is the flower of the first wedding anniversary. As such, nothing better would be ideal to present the couple with a bouquet of pansies, accompanied with other traditional gifts, like a framed photograph or a watch. And if it's you who wish to surprise your spouse with the anniversary celebrations, you can cook up a meal and set the romantic mood with a vase of colorful pansies as the table's centerpiece.

Take your spouse on a romantic vacation for your first wedding anniversary. If you are willing to splurge out lots of greens saved, you can travel places across the world. How about visiting to the country of romance Switzerland, or to the Far East Bahamas or the Caribbean? For a more romantic and intimate holiday, move on to Mauritius, Maldives, Italy, or France.

Traditional Paper
Paper is the traditional material that represents the first anniversary. There are several gifts made of paper that you can gift to your spouse or the couple to mark this significant milestone in the marriage. Artwork, books, scrapbook albums, photo albums, gift certificates, and tickets to an event are some paper gifts to choose from. For a more practical anniversary gift, you can opt from a life-insurance plan or stationery featuring your spouse's name.

Modern Clocks
If traditional gifts are not your cup of coffee, you can go for other alternatives, say clocks. With so many types, patterns, and designs of clocks available, you can pick up any that will complement the décor of your home or your room, in particular. Personalized glass, silver, gold, wooden or crystal clock with the wedding date or the couple's name engraved make perfect first wedding memoirs. Of if you really want to stick to the high-tech and modern route, an alarm clock with a radio or iPod holder attached can be your choice.

More Modern Approach
Set aside those paper, clock, and pansy gifts to present something unusual. Kitchen utensils, sunglasses, plastic mats, music CDs, and DVDs can be on your list of picking up gifts for your spouse. These will of utmost use for your partner. To spice up your love and sex life, you can present sex toys and rekindle your romance and intimacy.