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Bridal shower is an essential part of any wedding. Browse through this piece to explore some unique and great bridal shower gift ideas.

Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

The concept of bridal shower has an interesting history and takes one back to Holland. It was based on the idea that the bride is set to start her new journey. If a Dutch bride did not get the approval of her father regarding her choice of husband, she would not receive any dowry from him. In that case, the bride's friends organized a bridal shower for her and blessed her with numerous gifts that would be handy for her after marriage. In modern days, bridal showers serve the purpose of providing the future bride with gifts along with an opportunity of gathering substantial support before entering the new phase of her life. Today, bridal showers have become an integral part of wedding ceremonies and allow the family members and close friends to wish the bride-to-be with a happy and prosperous married life. With the very essence of a bridal shower being gift giving, no bridal shower can be complete without gifts. Gifts are the basic theme of the occasion and hence, should be thoroughly chosen. Here are some suggestions for bridal shower gifts that you can choose from.
  • A slim digital camera would be one of the perfect gifts for a bridal shower. Not only it would help in the wedding celebrations but will also come handy in snapping pictures during the couple's honeymoon.
  • You can gift a spa gift certificate to the bride. She would really like to have a special manicure or pedicure for the pre-wedding celebrations. She would also love to pamper herself with a relaxing massage and an uplifting facial for the marriage.
  • Lingerie is one of the best gifts for a bridal shower. It would add spark to her wedding night and enhance the couple's romance and intimacy.
  • If the bride-to-be is planning for a honeymoon, gift a guidebook or appropriate accessories, such as beach blanket for a Caribbean honeymoon, cashmere scarf for a ski-resort getaway, etc.
  • You can gift her humorous novel or book that would make her laugh during these stressful days. You can also gift a couple of movie tickets that will refresh her mood.
  • You can also choose to give some useful things for honeymoon, such as edible body paints, herbal bath grains, “'Just Married'” bumper sticker, “'Do Not Disturb'” sign, and flavored body massage oils.
  • Gifting her kitchen accessories is another considerable gift. You can present her utensils, pressure cooker, food processor etc.
  • For a bridal shower, you can opt to give china bone crockery items which can include a dinner set, tea set etc.
  • Some personalized gifts like jewelry items, designer clothes, cosmetic hamper, footwear, and a branded purse can also be good choices for this occasion.