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Manifest your love for a newborn baby by gifting some sweet and enjoyable presents. Read on to know some gift ideas for infants.

New Baby Gift Ideas

The arrival of a new baby in the family brings lots of joys and happiness with it. Everyone is happy and in a mood of revelry. People shower their love on the newborn and offer congratulations to the parents through gifts. They are just one of the many ways of indicating your good wishes and passing them to the proud parents. A new baby requires so many things which may not be possible for all parents, or probably they may not even figure out until the baby grows a little older. In such cases, it is best to think practical and purchase a gift that will be of utmost use for the baby and the parents. Besides, you need to make sure that the gift is not wasted and does not land in the garbage bin after few days. Depending upon the gender of the baby, you will have to search for options and narrow down to the perfect gift. Given here are some gift ideas for a newborn for you to consider.

Keep It Practical
A new mother will need all the essentials to take care of her newborn. You can think of presenting some such useful and practical gifts in a basket, like diapers, baby oil, washcloths, diaper covers, diaper bags, disposable bibs, diaper creams, baby care wipes, body wash, pacifiers, pacifier clips, swaddling blankets, or receiving blankets. Gifts that will last for longer durations include larger blankets and generic clothing items, such as onesies, sleepers, and sets of underpants.

Color It
While the arrival of a baby is awaited eagerly, it grows rapidly, only to realize that it is now capable of identifying things around it. So, if you want to present something that will be of use to the baby throughout its toddlerhood, finding moving and colorful objects would be the perfect idea. Besides, your gift will be appreciated by the parents every time they find their baby playing with it. You can select from colorful toys, musical toys, rattles, teething rings, toy keys, or a perambulator.

Foodie Alternatives
Being the proud parents of a newborn, they will be receiving endless guests over the next few days and will have to treat them with good hospitality. Since it will not be possible for the new mother, or even the father to cater to everyone, why not ease their task by presenting them with a food basket, loaded with all sorts of fresh and healthy foods. You can fill the basket with items, like cheeses, crackers, and chocolates, which will make perfect welcoming snacks for all guests. To enhance the celebration mood even more, you can add in a bottle of wine.

Feeding Supplies
Although the new mother would be breastfeeding for the first couple of months, but she would definitely be requiring some feeding supplies for her baby to stay healthy and happy. You can purchase a lot of different feeding supplies, like bottles, spoons, child-size dishes, take-and-toss sippy cups, and bibs. To make it easier for nursing mothers to feed her baby, add on breast pads, breast pump, and nursing bras in the gift hamper.

Celebration Wreath
Colored bows, ribbons, or wreathes are hung in hospitals and houses to announce the arrival of a new joy, in most traditions. To switch to a traditional method, you can add a touch of color and joy by presenting a colorful and attractive wreath to the baby and new parents. It can be reused later as a decorative item by placing it in the house or even in the baby's room.