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Here are some ideas on high school graduation presents that you can give to your near and dear ones.

High School Graduation Gift Ideas

Passing high school is a time of great joy and excitement. It marks the entry from adolescence into adulthood. It is also the time to shed the carefree attitude of childhood and become a little more responsible. As such, graduation is one of the most awaited events for a high school student. And every student eagerly looks forward for gifts from his/her parents, teachers, and well-wishers. After all, these gifts will hold those long-cherished memories shared between friends and teachers in the school. Besides, high school graduation gifts convey appreciation and good luck for a student's venture into the new phase of life. As simple as the graduation ceremony sounds, the more difficult and tedious is the hunt for an ideal graduation gift. If you're looking for the perfect graduation gift, here are some great ideas that will help you narrow down your search.

Useful Gifts
Students who are planning to study further can be gifted with the latest and up-to-date laptop computer. Luggage can also serve the purpose of such students who wish to leave for college to a different place. A college survival kit, whether homemade or purchased readymade, would be another great practical gift. A mini refrigerator can delight the student who would be living in a dorm.

Fun Gifts
If you can find a local artist, you can get a caricature of the student done and present it as a treasured memory of school life. Presenting a couple tickets to your friend to a local amusement or water park would further strengthen your bond and form as precious memories. For jokesters, gag gifts can bring a laugh, while new video games will be highly appreciated by gamers.

Practical Gifts
High school students would now be termed as college graduates. Presenting something practical would make ideal gifts for such graduates. A day planner, books, prepaid gift card, or computer accessories form useful practical options. Students who would be moving out can be given towels, sheets, utensils, and cooking items, like cookbooks. While most students would now be leaving their hometown and moving ahead to other cities or countries for higher studies, helping them with gathering their essentials would be excellent. You can put these items into a gift basket, including cleaning supplies, toiletries, snack items, coffee, and soaps.

Economical Gifts
You do not necessarily have to break the bank to gift a high school graduate. Even a small, token gift will do the job of your good wishes and blessings. Fast food gift cards, decorations, new CD, wallet, movie gift card, flower bouquet, or a metal bookmark are some suggested gift items for high school graduates. Or you can just hand over some cash in a greeting card to let the student buy whatever he/she likes.

Personalized Gifts
While the student would be receiving dozens of gifts from his family, friends, and well wishers, you can add a touch of individuality by getting the gift personalized. Gift items like jewelry, etched plaques, engraved picture frames, keepsake boxed, custom T-shirts, and framed poems are some suggestions that can convey your sentiments and hold a special meaning for the student. A graduation gift basket can be customized with yummy treats, colognes, books, video games, and other things that the student likes.