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Jewelry is a very popular gift item. Here are some ideas on jewelry presents that you can give to the special ones in your life.

Jewelry Gift Ideas

Jewelry is the hottest gift item since time immemorial. In particular, women have a special fetish for jewelry. On marriage anniversaries, birthdays, and at weddings, jewelry sells like hot cakes. Jewelry comes in various designs and materials. There is silver jewelry, gold jewelry, diamond jewelry, platinum jewelry, imitation jewelry, and celtic jewelry. Depending upon your taste and your pocket, you can gift any type of jewelry. Jewelry items are categorized according to men and women. They express your love and affection for the recipient and how much you value them, for it is not so often that you purchase a piece of jewelry for everyone you know. Jewelry gifting is meant for those special people in your life, be it your spouse, partner, parents, or kids. So, in case you've been searching for ideas on gifting jewelry, this section would be of utmost help to you. Read on.

For Women
  • Women jewelry has a very large range. Earrings, rings, nose rings, bracelets, chains, necklaces, armlets, anklets… the list is endless.
  • A heart-shaped diamond solitaire is the most precious gift that you can give to your wife or girlfriend on a special occasion like marriage anniversary, Valentine's Day or her birthday. Your lovely lady will be thrilled to receive it.
  • Surprise your mother by gifting her a stylish necklace this Mother's Day. You can be sure she will be overjoyed.
  • Key pendants in attractive designs of heart or trefoil make great gifts for your lady love. They symbolize unlocking the key to the heart and hence, will be treasured by her immensely.
  • Rings are a symbol of love and affection. As a manifestation of your love, you can gift your darling a ring with your initials inscribed on it.
  • Earrings are nowadays an essential fashion accessory. If your ladylove is fashion conscious, you can gift her long stylish earrings. If she is simple and sophisticated, you can gift her simpler versions.
  • Bracelets add to beauty of a lady's hand. They come in various varieties -simple ones and ones with intricate designs carved on them. According to her liking, you can gift one.
  • Make the special lady feel like a queen by presenting her a tiara or a crown. It will make her day!
  • Other jewelry items that you can gift are armlets, anklets and chains.
For Men
  • Though men generally are not as crazy as women about jewelry, there are certain items that can be gifted.
  • You can gift a ring with your initials inscribed on it to your hubby or boyfriend as a mark of your love and admiration.
  • If he is of a superstitious nature and believes in astrology, you can gift him a ring with his birthstone installed in it.
  • Some men have a fetish for chains. For such men, choosing a piece of jewelry will not be a problem.
  • Other gift items that you can choose for men include a tiepin and cuff links.