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Here are some ideas on presents that you can give to smokers.

Cigar and Tobacco Gift Ideas

Though it is a well-known fact that smoking is injurious to health, you can't argue much with smokers. They have their own logic and reasons behind smoking. You can try to convince them to leave smoking but when it is a festive occasion or some special event to celebrate, simply hold back your logic for a while and gift the lovers of cigars and tobacco something that would bring a smile to their faces. For such people, gifts of fine cigars and distinctive pipes would be perfect. They make perfect gifts for all occasions and can be ideally presented as corporate gifts to new clients and as a thank you gift to loyal customers or employees. However, before you go ahead with wandering through cigar and tobacco stores and squandering your much-earned money, browse through the different ideas listed in the lines below. Hope, they will give you a sigh of relief and ease your task of finding an ideal gift for your near and dear ones.
  • You can gift leather cigar cases to your hubby or boyfriend. It will impart an aristocratic touch to his personality. Fill the leather case with imported hand-rolled cigars and see the thrill on his face as he unpacks his gift.
  • If he smokes cigarette instead of cigar, then you can gift a classic silver cigarette case, filled with his favorite brand of cigarettes.
  • Smokers invariably look for a matchbox or lighter to light up their cigarettes and more often than not, they borrow it from someone else. You can solve their problem by gifting a stylish lighter.
  • You can also gift a wooden humidor box or leather travel humidor filled with the famous Cuban cigars, along with cigar cutters.
  • For those who are more interested into cigarettes, you can gift a carton of their favorite cigarette brand.
  • If you are presenting a gift to a female smoker, then opt for a cigarette brand that is not very strong yet soothing to smoke.
  • Some people love to impress others by smoking from a pipe. For such enthusiasts, you can choose from a variety of pipes such as handmade Italian pipes, French pipes etc.
  • In case the gift recipient is just a beginner with smoking cigars, then you can think of buying some good branded cigars, along with accessories so that the person has all the items required. You can consider gifting a kit that includes a cigar humidor, a cigar cutter, a cigar ashtray, a tube, activator solution, and a cigar lighter.
  • A leather travel cigar case gift set makes a great gift need not worry about lighting your cigars as the set comes with a stainless steel lighter and a cigar cutter.