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Handbags & Wallets are personal accessories that are required by everyone and you can give them as presents to your near and dear ones. Here are a few gifts ideas.

Handbags And Wallets Gift Ideas

One of the first things that come to our mind while choosing gifts is to give them a wallet or handbag. They fit all king of budgets. While the designer handbags can be very expensive, their imitations cost much cheaper and look equally good. However, designs will not be as new as the original branded handbags but then, they are a goof, enough to delight most women and ladies. Handbags can be of many types including the leather handbags, tote bags, fabric handbags, evening and vintage purses. Handbags are an important accessory for any lady at par with the fashion and are must-haves for any occasion, including shopping, casual gatherings, formal events or parties. While designer handbags set a lady a class apart, shabby ones can make them look silly too. There are different types of wallets and handbags available in the market meant for different purposes these days. Take a look at the various handbags and wallets you can present as gifts to both men and women in the lines below.

For Handbags
  • Ladies are generally organized and like to carry their world in their handbags. Their handbags need to be roomy and have both big-sized and small-sized pockets.
  • Clutches are gaining immense popularity and becoming quite fashionable these days. You can pick up a simple leather clutch for daily use or opt for a sequined and glittery clutch, perfect for evenings and parties.
  • For someone who loves to store cosmetics and money in a separate bag, you can buy a wristlet that works like a cosmetics bag, coin purse, or even a clutch.
  • Tote bags make perfect companions for business women. Available in leather, jute, and other materials, you can find them assorted colors. So, pick one that will complement the recipient.
  • For people who do a lot of business traveling or love exploring places, nothing better than travel bags can be as a gift for them. Select a huge handbag with lots of space to hold all the essentials required by the person. Not only will it look trendy, but it will also lighten the person from carrying a separate travel bag.
  • Undoubtedly, shoulder bags are the most popular types of handbags used by almost all women. Comfortable and convenient to carry, there are a plethora of brands offering shoulder bags in different materials, sizes, and colors to choose from.
  • Handbags and wallets for ladies and men are available in various types of materials, such as cotton fabric, leather, metal, micro fiber, polyester, PVC, suede, top grain leather, velvet and vinyl.
For Wallets
  • Most men's wallets are made of leather and depending upon the types of leather used, they are priced from cheap to extremely expensive.
  • These days, you can find leather wallets in assorted colors, apart from the traditional black and brown. You have the option of choosing from beige, blue, green, and grey, thereby making them suitable for any attire.
  • For someone who uses a wallet for just storing money, a slim and sleek wallet would be the best alternative. However, a person who keeps credit cards, business cards, receipts, apart from cash, needs a bulky and big wallet.
  • Two-fold wallets are the most popular in markets, though you can find three-fold wallets also. While two-fold wallets are easy to carry and set a distinct style statement, but you can go different with a three-fold wallet to give it some extra space for storing the essentials.
  • You can gift passport wallets and travel wallets to men who travel quite frequently. This will help them keep their necessary documents in one place and access easily whenever required.
  • Document holders keep their important papers safe and well stored, even while traveling. An ideal gift option for businessmen and corporate heads!
  • Gift ideas for forgetful men can include neck wallets and waist packs.