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They're in and they're inseparable! Computers and computer accessories will make an appropriate gift for your loved ones. Read this article to get some ideas.

Computer & Computer Accessories Gifts Ideas

The tortoise may have beaten the rabbit in the race, only because the rabbit had dozed off. If the rabbit had been awake the entire time, the tortoise wouldn't even have been in the frame. Now that people have gotten used to the life in the fast lane; it's hard, rather impossible to imagine a life of going back in the slow lane. Just don't doze off in the midway! Computers nowadays are an inseparable part of the life in the fast lane more than any time before. Their versatility is proven in the duties they perform: from basic to complex, from work related to leisure, and from informative to communicative. Loaded with all these capabilities, it has made many of the items belonging to the slow lane obsolete. Everybody has at least one and its features and softwares are being upgraded at the rate of knots, making computer and computer accessories one of the apt gifts to give. Read about what computer related items you can gift to the concerned person.

The Machine
  • Flooded will make it an understatement, but saying that the market is tsunamified will definitely do justice to the scope of it all. With a wide range of desktop PCs, Laptops, Netbooks, and Tablet PCs available to be bought, it allows you to buy one as a gift that'll best suit the requirements of the person concerned.
  • A desktop PC will do the needful for someone who just wants it for casual PC work like surfing, CD playing, music & movies, and some office work.
  • A laptop will best suit the person who's always on the move and needs to stay connected to the work and people over the net.
  • A netbook or tablet PC will work best for someone who just wants to be hooked to the net or watch movies via USB port. It's small, light, and convenient to carry around.
The Accessories
  • An external hard drive would be an appropriate gift for movie and game junkies so that they can watch their favorite movies and play their favorite games over and over again.
  • If the person already has a system, gifts like CDs of newer version of windows or any other operating system like Linux is a good option. You can also gift a higher capacity of RAM if you think the person's system requires some speed (not the game).
  • For the hardcore gamers, better software versions of NVIDIA or SiS Mirage will provide an enhanced visual quality and will let even the heavier games be enjoyed in the way they are meant to be.
  • A nicely built wooden cabinet with separate sections assigned to keep the monitor, keyboard, mouse, and CPU will enable convenient working on the computer. A comfortable chair will further add to the comfort level of the whole PC-ing experience.
  • Unless, of course, the person doesn't have them already, items like a flat LCD screen monitor, a UPS, an optical or wireless mouse, a wireless keyboard, web camera, joystick, and a pack of CDs will make for a worthy gift.