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This article gives you some ideas on collectibles and antiques that can be presented as gifts. Take a look and make your pick!

Collectibles & Memorabilia Gift Ideas

For few minutes let's focus on you, the gift giver, instead of the lucky gift receiver. Shall we? Okay, now what is it that you love and adore to the point of madness? There's bound to be something, so what is it? Is it sports you love? Is it books, cars, bikes, paintings, antiques, currencies, stamps, or is it your favorite celebrity from the movies or sports? Whatever or whoever it is, think about how you'd feel if you were to receive something as a gift that'll make the moments of "thinking-about-your-favorite-hobby-as-if-lost-in-trance" become a reality? You'll be on the seventh heaven, no second opinions needed! Now think about how happy you'll make someone for whom you do the same, i.e. gift some collectible or memorabilia to the person in picture according to what he/she loves the most. Gifts, like collectibles and memorabilia, are great to give on special occasions or otherwise. There's never a bad time to make someone happy, right? So go through the gift ideas on collectibles and memorabilia that have been mentioned below.

Sports Based
For sports fans, there's no greater gift than to receive a baseball bat, cricket bat, football, that special coin used during the toss, jerseys of players, photographs, etc. signed by his/her favorite sports person. Such items are regularly auctioned both during the sporting event and afterwards. A perfect gift to buy for your sports crazy husband, dad, son, or friend!

Antiquity Based
Some people love to collect ancient or antique items and love even more to show them to their friends at wine tasting. There are regular auctions held at museums and other charity events where such antique items are sold and proceeds are sent to charity. At any such event, you can bid for an item like currency from the medieval times, or some relics from the ancient times, armor or weaponry that was used in crusades or other battles, etc.

Celebrity/Movie Based
There is something about celebrities and movies that have people across the world going gaga over them. They stand in queues to get a glimpse of them walking down the red carpet and wait for years to watch their favorite movies on big screen. There are bound to some celebrity or cult movies that your friend, spouse, or kid follows and loves. Items used in these cult movies are often put on auction and are great to gift to the concerned person.

Book Based
Books are always a good read but there are people who're obsessed with them and can't get enough of their favorite ones as they read them over and over. For these hardcore book lovers, there's no better gift than an autographed book of their favorite author. Authors often attend the book signing events organized by bookstores and if you wait patiently you can get your loved one's favorite book signed by his/her favorite author.

Some people love collecting items from different countries; if you go on a holiday, you can bring back souvenirs that will remind you of the place you visited. Say, for instance, Switzerland is famous for its crystal ware while Belgium is known for its glass. Personalized items from the wedding, like handkerchiefs, are great to gift your spouse on your next anniversary. Any other personalized item from your first date or your childhood can be gifted back to your spouse or friend.