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Gift baskets filled with gourmet food and beverages make for an irresistible gift option. Explore this article to know about ideas on gourmet food gift baskets.

Gourmet Food & Beverage Gift Basket Ideas

If there's one gift about which you don't have to worry about whether the receiver will like it or not; it's food. Yes, the very loveable, sense pleasing, eyeball twisting, tummy rubbing, the always wonderful to have and can-never-get-enough-of-it - food! It's a weakness of almost everyone, more so if it's gourmet food, cooked to perfection with an aroma that can have you doing the sleepwalking act with hands (fists closing & opening repeatedly) reaching out for it. So much for the buildup, now let's move on. You can gift gourmet food and beverage gift baskets to your close friends and relatives on special occasions. However, while gifting a basket, keep in mind the occasion on which you are giving it. Below have been mentioned some exciting ideas that you can use while preparing a gourmet food and beverage gift basket to present to your near and dear ones.

Marriage Anniversary Food Basket
You can prepare a romantic gourmet basket by filling it with items, like cinnamon apple pancake mix, crepe mix, cappuccino, tea, coffee, cookies, ginger bread, French wine, hazelnut coffee and two coffee mugs and gift it either to your spouse if it's your marriage anniversary or to a couple whom you're friends with. It can be a breakfast basket to start this romantic day with delightful delicacies that'll keep you both or your friends on a high for rest of the day.

Birthday Food Basket
A collection of food items like lemon tea cookies, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, banana chips, butter cookies, popcorns, jelly slices, and fruit cookies can cheer up your best friend's birthday and bring a wide ear-to-ear smile on his/her face. For your own son or daughter or your neighbor's or relative's children, you can fill up the basket with candies, cookies, chocolates, and jellies.

Health Recuperation Food Basket
If some friend or relative of yours is sick and regaining health, you can gift him/her with a basket filled with healthy food items like brown bread, cheese, fruits, fruit juices, dry fruits, sprouts, and roasted snacks. Nothing cheers up a sick person more than food that he/she knows will taste good and, at the same time, make up for the lost health.

Sympathy Food Basket
To express your sympathy to someone, you can gift an exotic basket containing herbal decaffeinated tea, oatmeal cookies, papaya scented pillar candle, honey and silk floral candy rings all packed in handmade cane basket.

Some Useful Tips
  • Be sure that the recipient is not allergic to any of the food items you put in there.
  • Decorate the basket according to the occasion. Use ribbons and cellophane paper, if necessary.
  • Nice flowers can also be put up for all occasions but what flowers to put may vary accordingly.
  • Placing a hand towel at the bottom of the basket will add to the gift's usefulness.