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Invited for a big Thanksgiving Day dinner? Pick up a thoughtful and unique Thanksgiving Day gift from the ideas listed in this piece.

Thanksgiving Day Gifts Ideas

Thanksgiving Day is one of the most important and celebrated festivals in the United States. It is the celebration of the first harvest of the English settlers in America, about 400 years ago. Legend has it that people, called pilgrims, left their homes in England and traveled across the Atlantic Ocean to America in a boat called the Mayflower. They built their own houses, planted seeds they had brought with them, and made friends with the Indians, who were already residing in America. The Indians taught them how to plant corn and hunt for animals to let them fulfill their hunger. In the fall, when corn was ready, the pilgrims harvested it. Since it was their first harvest, and when they were done with it, they organized a party to celebrate and offer thanks to the Indians, with whose support they had enough food to enjoy through the winter. Over the years, the nature of Thanksgiving Day has slightly changed. It is now an occasion to strengthen existing relationships, thank each other for being there in times of need and mend broken relationships. People eat turkey, sweet potato, sweet corn, cranberry sauce, followed by sweet pumpkin pie for the dessert, just as their ancestors used to do. They also give gifts to their loved ones. Here are some gifts ideas for the occasion.

Fresh Blooms Bouquet
Since it is fall time, you will find lots of fresh flowers in striking and vibrant colors. You can either get a small bouquet from a discount store, or visit your florist for a lavish and huge bouquet, if cost does not matter. To complement the beautiful flowers, choose a color-coordinating or clear vase with a small card with a sweet festive message.

Beautiful Collectibles
If the recipient loves collecting souvenirs or intricate items, you can add a small token of appreciation to the list of their collection. Crystal figurines, cherished teddies, themed items, and wall hangings make great options to choose from. Even though you are unable to pick a costly present, a simple yet affordable gift will add great meaning to your thoughts and will be treasured for years to come.

Food Gifts
Foods and eatables are always appreciated by everyone and never let you down. Since it is the occasion of Thanksgiving, you can try out presenting gourmet popcorn, unusual food gift baskets, exotic teas, or specialty chocolates. However, make sure that the recipient is free some any kind of medical conditions before offering food as a gift.

If you had thought games to be restricted to just children, well, there are games that are enjoyed equally by both adults and kids. Pictionary, Taboo, Mad Gab, and Staying Alive are some great group gift ideas perfect for families and friends to sit and indulge in enjoyment and pleasure. Besides, there is 'The Thanksgiving Box of Questions' considered to be the best game for a Thanksgiving dinner by most people.

Restaurant Certificate
If you've been invited for a Thanksgiving Day dinner at the recipient's home, the hostess must have had a tough time preparing delicacies in the kitchen. Give the hostess a break after the festivities by presenting a greeting card, along with a restaurant gift certificate that can be used for enjoying a lavish meal away from home. This is, indeed, one of the fantastic ways of adding value to a Thanksgiving Day dinner hostess.