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Express your appreciation for your boss with exclusive gift ideas for Boss's Day. Read to discover unique Boss's Day gifts.

Boss's Day Gift Ideas

Bosses are those guiding spirits that help a team achieve its goal. We all have to deal with our bosses in our own manner. Some bosses are soft spoken and understanding, while others seem to be just vociferous and unreasonable. But howsoever the boss is, for our own well being, it is important that we keep the boss in good humor. Every year, National Boss Day is celebrated on October 16 in the honor of all bosses. It is a perfect opportunity for you to show your respect and regard for your managers. And if you are one of those lucky souls to be blessed with a boss who treats you more like a colleague than a subordinate, then you wouldn't want to miss this opportunity of showering your respect and honor for him. Given here are some Boss's Day gift ideas that will help you in selecting the perfect gift for your boss. Read on.
  • If your boss loves enjoying a cup of coffee each day, why not gift him a basket of different gourmet coffees, complemented with chocolate pound cake, biscotti, caramel nut popcorn, muffins, a mug, and a small gift certificate for a local coffee shop or to his favorite coffee house.
  • Fruit baskets make ideal gift options for all occasions. And if your boss is health conscious, you can ideally present him a fruit basket loaded with crispy apples, juicy oranges, and moist pears. Alternatively, you can opt for pairing fruits with delicious snacks, such as Gouda cheese, summer salami, pepper water crackers, and assorted chocolate truffles.
  • A wine crate including all the wine essentials would be another great gift idea for bosses who love enjoying wine quite often. The gift pack can include cheddar cheese spread, Tuscan wheat crackers, cheddar cheese wedges, and specialty wine infused salamis. Couple these items with your boss's favorite brand of wine.
  • In case you can splurge out some extra greens, a personalized pocket watch makes an elegant gift for Boss's Day, especially for those who love the classis look of a pocket watch. Get your boss's name engraved on the cover of the watch. This will make a truly memorable gift.
  • Your office would definitely have one woman who knows how to bake the best dessert in town or a man who can cook a mean brisket. Gather all your office's chefs and ask your boss's secretary to keep the afternoon clear from all appointments and meetings. Throw your boss a surprise potluck on Boss's Day.
  • A pen can also serve as a great gift idea, especially if your boss is engrossed in signing too many documents and contracts. You can choose from Parker, Cross, Mont Blanc etc.
  • Gift a mobile, calculator, wrist watch, diary, walkman, trendy sunglasses, or binoculars, if your boss has missed out on possessing any of these.
  • If your boss is a fitness freak, you can gift him a tracksuit or a pair of jogging shoes.
  • If your boss is a male, you can gift him a shirt, tie, tiepin, cuff link, trouser, jumper, jacket, or a blazer.
  • If your boss is a female, you can gift her stylish purse, imitation jewelry, a ring, or a pendant.
  • For sports enthusiasts, you can gift sporting gear, such as a badminton racket, tennis racket, table tennis racket, cricket bat etc.
  • If your boss is interested in reading, you can purchase a magazine subscription for him. Find out his hobbies and interests, and choose the magazine accordingly.