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Are you looking for a special gift to be presented on Passover? Given here are some wonderful present ideas for Passover you can consider.

Passover Gift Ideas

Passover is one of the most popular and widely celebrated Jewish festivals that commemorates and memorializes the freedom of the Hebrews or Jews from the slavery of the Egyptians. It falls on the 15th day of the Nisan month in the Jewish calendar, which occurs at the end of March or beginning of April. This festival is observed with immense joy and enthusiasm by all Jews across the world. Passover, or Pesach, is marked by traditional and special rituals, as stated in the holy book of Haggadah. Celebrated over eight days, people gather with their friends and relatives, prepare choicest of delicacies, and give presents to each other. Joviality and merriment is visible from the various forms of greetings that people exchange to express their happiness. Let your loved ones also feel special and involved in the festival with some amazing Passover gifts. Given here are some suggestions to take into consideration.

Passover Wine
Wine is an important part of the Seder feast, which symbolizes the four main stages of the exodus of the Jews. You can purchase kosher Passover wine for the Seder meal for family members and close friends. A beautiful wine fountain can also be gifted to a newly wedded couple or to a family who has recently shifted into a new house.

Flowers can never go wrong with any occasion. A beautiful and lovely bouquet of flowers will be highly welcomed by the recipient. They make your close ones know that you had been thinking of them on the holy festival of Passover.

Kosher Gift Basket
A gift basket with dried fruits, nuts, and sweets make an ideal and traditional gift to present on Passover. There are several stores that sell certified kosher baked goods, like cookies, babka, rugelach, and challah, which can be conveniently included in the basket. To give it a little modern appeal, hazelnut truffles, chocolates, mocha coffee beans, matzah crackers, cakes, and muffins can also be given. Best of all, gift baskets fit all sorts of budgets.

Matzah Plates
Some interesting matzah plates in beautiful and attractive designs make one of the best gift ideas for Passover. For a more traditional feel, a matzah plate that looks like the matzah bread can be given a thought. Pick up one that will be liked by everyone and treasured for lifetime.

Matzah Box
A jeweled matzah box makes a great gifting idea for Passover to your near and dear ones. The family can use the box to explain their kids about the matzah and the reason it is kept in the box. These teachings can help children get aware of the celebration of Passover and its significance. You can find matzah boxes in different good quality materials.