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Christmas is a festival of love and peace. Spread the message of love and brotherhood with wonderful Christmas gift ideas listed in this article.

Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is the biggest festival of Christians. It marks the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ and hence, the world celebrates it with much pomp, revelry, and galore. Christians decorate their houses, sing Christmas carols, and make special traditional delicacies for the occasion, such as cakes and cookies. Just like all customs and rituals, Christmas gifts constitute an inseparable part of Christmas festivities. People present gifts to their near and dear ones along with their best wishes as a symbol of their love and affection. Since Christmas occurs every year, choosing a gift becomes a monotonous activity as you often end up buying cards, flowers, and pound cakes for everyone. Nonetheless, there are several other gift ideas you can select from to delight the recipient and make his Christmas all the more special and memorable. Browse through the lines below and find out what different you can gift on this Christmas.
  • You can give a gift basket containing fresh flowers, strawberries, miniature wine bottles, dry fruits, plum cake, muffins, chocolates, and assorted cookies.
  • A nice-looking and tempting gift basket serves as a perfect Christmas gift for people who are passionate about cooking. Fill the basket with a box of dried pasta or a few packages of specialty pasta, a jar or two of different pasta sauces, a wedge of parmesan cheese, and some Italian spices for the true pasta feel. In case the basket can accommodate some more goodies, include a bottle of wine, two wine glasses, and a cheese grater to complete the festive hamper.
  • You can gift imitation paintings of famous painters depicting scenes from Christian mythology, such as The Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci.
  • You can gift a nice photo frame along with an old photograph affixed to it, rekindling old memories.
  • If someone is a music enthusiast, you can gift a musical instrument, such as guitar, piano, violin, mouth organ etc.
  • Books relating to Christian mythology, inspirational/motivational books, CDs/DVDs of Christmas Carols, and movies related to Jesus are some popular gift items for Christmas.
  • You can gift handmade soaps, candles, wall hangings, and other decorative items.
  • Statues of Jesus and Virgin Mary along with a cassette/CD of Christmas carols can also be given.
  • Stuffed toys, teddy bears, story books, along with a box of chocolates and cookies can be gifted to kids.
  • To make the festival fun-filled and enjoyable, you can gift some board games to keep the entire family involved. There are a large variety of family games you can choose from, like monopoly, business games, pictionary, and so on.
  • Kids love showing their creativity through drawing or arts and crafts. Give them a chance to enhance their talent by presenting them with a craft box that includes crayons, construction paper, writing pad or notebook, some fun pencils, washable markers, a watercolor paint set. In case you wish to enlarge the gift, you can add on some yarn, glue, craft sticks, finger paints, an ink pad, stamp, or even an arts and crafts book.