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Pick up a sweet and unique gift for your friend and make him/her feel special on Friendship's Day. Find Friendship Day gift ideas here.

Friendship Day Gift Ideas

Friendship is one of those rare relationships that we create out of choice, while all other relationships are inherited by birth. A true friend is a very rare yet precious commodity. And if we are fortunate enough to have one, we should value and cherish it. Friendship's Day is the celebration of true friendship. Gifts are an ideal way of conveying your emotions and feelings for your true pals. After all, they are the people who have been with you through your good and bad times and have shared umpteen joys and sorrows together. So, just as your friend is perfect for you, so has to be the gift. What to gift depends on the taste and temperament of your friend(s). It can be anything that in your opinion will reflect the spirit of the occasion in the best possible manner. Here are some of the gift ideas that you can opt for.
  • Surprise your friend or a loved one by sending a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers or roses to them at work or at home.
  • Take your friend out on a lunch or a dinner and have a great gala time.
  • You can gift your friend a T-shirt, cap or a bag with some thoughtful friendship messages written on it.
  • A wristband or a wristlet with the name of your friend embossed or engraved at the center also makes a lovely gift.
  • You can also gift your friend with a friendship tribute album featuring poems, quotations, greetings, old photos of you and your friend(s), and other pictures of your common interest.
  • You do not have to always buy gifts. You can also present homemade gifts on this occasion, like homemade bath salts, bubble bath sets, gel candles, scented potpourri, garden stepping stones, blankets or afghans, and photo albums.
  • Guys love making and remaking things. You can further enhance this quality by gifting a tool set which includes a screwdriver, scissors, markers, pencils, erasers, nut bolts, and so on. Place all of them in a gift box and wrap with a brown paper.
  • You can share a game of billiards, golf, squash, tennis or badminton with your friend.
  • If your friend is a female, you can show your love with fine jewelry - a pair of diamond earrings, a birthstone ring, or a gold necklace.
  • Dedicate a song or some message for your friend through radio or TV channel.
  • Gift a box of chocolates or candies as a gesture of sweetness of your relationship.
  • Go out on a vacation with your friend. You can indulge in a number of outdoor activities and spend some quality time together. It will strengthen your relationship further.
  • If your friend is a bookworm, check out all the volumes that he/she has at home and buy something new which is not present in the current collection. If possible, look for a set of classics as they make perfect gifts for best friends.
  • If you are running out of time and can't think of any gift, present gift vouchers from a luxurious spa or salon to let your friend indulge in sheer comfort and relaxation.