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Add some excitement and thrill in the life of a book lover with some unique presents. Explore to discover gift ideas for book lovers.

Book Lovers Gift Ideas

Books are a man's best companion. They enlighten us, broaden our horizons, and help in making us a better person. Whether it is festive time or holiday season, bookseller chains have a field day selling all sorts of books, novels, biographies, comics, and others. Reason being, there exist some bookworms in the world who love being surrounded by books, with most of them dedicating their entire life to reading and writing. Given a chance, book lovers never avoid receiving books as gifts. Besides, books are a great way to escape from the daily doldrums and hustles of everyday living. By reading a literary classic or the latest magazine on the shelf, one tends to freshen up himself and gain strength to face the world with more confidence. While some books provide you with answers to your questions, others serve as a great source of entertainment. If you know such a person who keeps himself engrossed with books, you can give book gifts instead of finding a generic present for a holiday or a special occasion. Listed here are some gift suggestions for that book lover in your life.

For people who love scribbling notes and reminders in book margins, buying a pretty notepad that will keep them from indulging further in such a nasty habit makes a great gift option. These make ideal gifts for friends, in particular. You can find notepads in different attractive shapes of flowers, handbags, hearts, and others. Some pads even have a matching mousepad to complement the gift.

Gifting a bookmark sounds too silly and crazy. But people who read books also use bookmarks and even love collecting them. Instead of the plain and traditional bookmarks, you can find themed ones, like Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter. And if there is a series of books that your booklover is fond of, you can look for bookmarks featuring the entire series.

Booklights come handy when you wish to read in bed but your spouse or sibling is not willing to let the light be on, simply because they want to doze off and enjoy a good night's sleep. There are small and portable booklights available in the market in different designs and sizes. Besides, they are priced reasonably, making it easy for anyone to afford it. They focus on the cover of the book only, thus eliminating the need to light a whole room.

Bookworm Items
People who love books will surely appreciate accessories related to bookworms. A bookworm stuffed animal makes a unique and wonderful gift idea. There are bookstores that carry stuffed animals of worms reading books, which can perfectly portray the recipient of the gift. You can also try out getting a T-shirt or a sweatshirt with pictures of bookworms. Such gifts are ideal for adults only as children may get embarrassed considering that you are judging them as a 'bookworm'.

Store Memberships & Gift Cards
Almost all bookstores offer yearly membership plans providing large discounts on the prices of books for a card holder. Besides, most stores offer gift cards or similar credit systems. You can present the book lover with a membership or a gift card allowing him/her to purchase their favorite or latest collection of books. This will enable the book lover to read and enjoy different subjects and themes of books.